5 nuances that need to be considered when building a country house

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5 nuances that need to be considered when building a country house

Plan, and maybe build a house? Perhaps you want to buy ready? In such cases, be sure to read the article. I would like to note that the article is not about repairs, but about what points it is desirable to consider when building or buying a country house, for a comfortable stay. Everyone dreams of a bright comfortable and warm house, which would be desirable to return from hard working days or just from vacation, however, this is not so important. The house is a small island of personal space, a fortress that will protect you from the hassles of the outside world.

I warn you right away, I'll write some small advice based on my work experience. On behalf of the expert on the sale of country houses, as a specialist I know which houses are chosen first. So, there is some experience. So, let's begin.

What first of all will you see in when you cross the threshold of the house? Of course - the living room. The name of the room speaks for itself. The living room is a room for the reception of friends, relatives or just people who decided to visit the house.

Tip №1: Do not save on the living room. The room should be spacious enough. It will be necessary to organize the maximum comfort for the guests and, of course, for the owners of the house. Living room is the visiting card of the owner. When planning it is necessary to take into account, for the future that, in the room there will be furniture - armchairs, sofas so that guests can be located. Many people dream of having a fireplace in the house. At any time of the year, the fireplace will betray the living room feeling calm and warm. The warmth and light from the fire in the fireplace will make the atmosphere romantic and cozy.

Tip №2: I want to pay special attention to the houses in which the staircase is provided. For example, sometimes there are shortcomings in the construction of stairs, and lead up to the fact that the owners of the house try not to use the stairs. The question arises, why build it then? In order not to raise the issue of reworking the ladder, consider several tips. Even if the house is not a very large staircase the master should calculate still on the plan, and not under the construction itself. Steps are mainly responsible for the convenience of the stairs, it is desirable that the architecture and construction norms be taken into account. Handrails should be comfortable and safe. If in the family, there are children, it is necessary to make special rails for kids.

Tip №3: A few words about the bedroom. This advice is relatively individual, namely for a family in which the elderly live. When you plan the arrangement of rooms, the bedroom will be better done on the first floor. The hosts must understand that it will be hard for a grandmother or grandfather to run up the stairs.

Tip №4: Of course, not all people live outside the city, many live in a city apartment. Let's raise one more important topic. The eternal question of many housewives, where and how to store blanks, a variety of tools, etc. Have you already guessed? The conversation will go about storeroom and a room in which each mistress will be uniquely convenient to organize her homework. All the advantages of a pantry think, understand everything. In the pantry you can store conservation and many other things that you would like to hide from prying eyes. A pantry can be like a cold so warm, it can be done in the kitchen or somewhere in the garage. But the room for the hostess will not take much space and investment. Such rooms usually come in a small size from 5 to 7 square meters. The room can be located even under the stairs. Hoz - a room, so to speak, will be a gift for any woman. For example, in this room it is convenient to install cabinets for bed linen, washing machine, ironing board.

Tip №5: Final advice. I'll say a few words about the hallway. Living out of town, clothes and shoes for everyday life is used much more. Proceeding from this it follows that the hallway should be roomy, when the hall is roomy in it it is easy to install different shelves and hangers. At first glance, the article describes unimportant advice, but believe me, turn over the experience, if you do not take into account the above-described moments, you will definitely finish, one way or the other. Very often after buying a house, with such shortcomings, people are forced to call specialists, and refine or complete just such nuances!
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