Building a house with our own hands

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Building a house with our own hands

Who does not dream of his own cozy home. When it is possible to gather together at a round table on your own site with a family or close people. The best place, perhaps, not to find. It is then that a desire or even a dream arises.

It's time to think about how to build a house for a family

The construction of the house takes a long time for several years. Lost vacation, sleepless nights, believe me, are worth it to see the house of your dreams.

After all, in this there are many advantages - in such a house will be the way the family likes. You can independently choose or develop a project taking into account all the wishes. Where possible, not only arrange the rooms of their own volition, but also distribute the area of ​​each individual room.

The site is acquired by the one that is more like by location. Building materials also get those that suit the price. So you can save money on finishing and building materials.

When the house is built, the money is distributed in stages. And also, you can save on paying specialists, because this work can be successfully done by yourself. When you do for yourself, then you give in with more dedication and overwhelm your sense of pride. The main thing is not to rush. You need to take into account every nuance, so as not to get out of the rut.

How to avoid failures before the construction of a house

When planning the cost of building a house, you must provide yourself with an additional amount of money. These funds may be needed for expensive building materials or final finishing of the house.

In order not to appear later, some unpleasant moments, it is necessary to coordinate and resolve all issues with the documentation.

It is necessary to clearly define - whether professional workers will be involved or all works will be carried out independently. It is also important that specialists have good feedback and recommendations. It is necessary to be sure of their adequacy.

Basic types of foundations

The foundation of the future home, of course, is the foundation. There are four types of foundations: columnar, belt, solid, pile.

The pillar foundation is well suited for the construction of wooden houses, cottages

When building large concrete, stone buildings, as well as for houses made of bricks, it is best to use a strip foundation.

A solid foundation is used in the construction of heavy multi-storey instructions.

Piled foundation - not cheap. It is used in the construction of multi-storey buildings.

Decide which house to build

First you need to choose the type of building. It can be a brick house or a building made of lumber. Today there is a wide variety of materials in use. All buildings, without exception, need a certain approach to construction.

For example, a brick house has excellent thermal insulation and durability. Wooden houses also have thermal insulation properties and have a number of advantages. A house made of wood admirably misses oxygen. It is very easy to breathe and sleep in it.

Before making a decision - to build a house yourself, you need to think it over thoroughly. The fact is that construction implies several years of fruitful work. Not everyone can wait a long time for the result.

If they undertook to build a house on their own, then such qualities as persistence, patience, aspiration are very necessary. And to achieve good results, you need to perform all the work from start to finish.

Successes and fruitful work! And let the construction of the house brings only positive emotions and results.
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